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Sold Ricks
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350 SH Susanna Hoffs Signature If a new one could be bought.. this is it. All original and fantastic, it's #230 of the 250 series according to the letter from Geoff Chapluk at Rickenbacker. Pickguard Logo Serial # A4 3553 (January 17, 1991). SOLD thanks SP! 660/12 Tom Petty Signature Fireglo Number 990 of 1000. Get one of the last of this discontinued signature series.. unsold, in the original box. Unplayed, with vintage case. Closeup body pic shows flock of birdseyes
Serial # X0 4340 (Nov 1997) SOLD thanks CW!

360 FG 1966 Our shipping/receiving manager, Jackson (he has a great ear, but trouble with barre chords), sniffs this '66 for originality. A rich fireglo finish, lightweight, bright jangly tone, OHSC. Serial #FL 4508.
SOLD thanks MM!
4003sjg.jpg4003S JG Darkhorse no frill "S" bass that is no longer available new. A clean and shiny example from May 1995..serial #E8 8146. Original case. Like new SOLD thanks SC!

325 John Lennon Signature
The shorter scale signature, RIC vibrato, excellent condition, Certificate #974 of 2000, Serial K3 4362 (November 29, 1990), original silver vintage case.
SOLD thanks KT!
r93.jpg 355 John Lennon Signature
The full scale signature just arrived.. and looks Grrrreat! Primo condition with vintage case. Serial L3 4161 (December 8, 1990) Certificate #1097 of 2000. .
SOLD thanks TW!

4001v63 Fireglo Rich fireglo finish on this just arrived vintage reissue bass. Includes silver case. SOLD 4001 Chris Squire Signature Don't miss these while they're still available new! African Vermillion fingerboard and head wings, mono output, vintage case. SOLD thanks KX!

330 Midnight Blue White and chrome on the standard configuration, one look and you'll see why! SOLD thanks GB! 370 Jetglo The seldom seen 3 pickup model.. classic jetglo. SOLD thanks GK!

230 RED A nick here or there, but a prime example of the highly underrated Rick solid body. Schaller tuners, bound fingerboard, chrome hardware, straplocks, original hardshell case SOLD thanks RF! 4003 SILVER It's that 80's finish that Rittor book says was available from 1980-84. This one's from March 1989? Some dings for sure, but plays and sounds great. Very distinct black hardware against the silver. Serial #C29197,original hardshell case. SOLD thanks RC!

2030 Hamburg bass
Another seldom seen Rick. 2 pickup, 4 knob, active circuitry. Very nice shape, original hardshell case. Serial #L1 6008 (Dec 1988). SOLD thanks TW!
360/12v64 FG
Yet another of those new stock from another dealer.. unwarrantied but minty fresh and unsold... don't wait on your special order to come in.. it's here SOLD thanks JO!

360/12 FG
Nicest flower in the garden... This wonderful twelve string blooms with rich fireglo.. Pick this beauty before it's gone. Here's a body close up From May (of course) 1991. Serial #E4 7818. Original hardshell case. SOLD thanks SP!
4001v63 MG
Super mapleglo, all original, horseshoe bridge and toaster neck pickups, original hardshell case. Serial # K1 6272 (Dec 1988). SOLD thanks CC!

4001 Fireglo
Hold down the bottom with this smooth playing fireglo. All original, fire in the finish, from May 1978 (Serial RE 2939). Original black hardshell case, small hairline pickguard crack above neck pickup, stereo outputs, white binding. This one's plug 'n play. SOLD thanks HI!
325v59 Fireglo
Very fresh and great condition. Classic v59 reissue, Bigsby, 3 vintage pickups, vintage case. Serial # G9 6361 (July 1996). Close-up body view SOLD thanks VL!

1966 340 Fireglo
Is it from the Rick Hall of Shame? Well, no.. but you can see why it's not on the collectables page. Someone said "let's take out those toasters and install some hi-gains... and maybe a tele style switch. Still, there's a reason this one has gotten so much playing time... would make a nice project Rick, and our normal 3 day return policy will be in full force with this one. Original finish, except for wear... original case with an unusual feature.. the handle is located inside the case :) Serial #FK 4020 (November 1966).sheesh.. it's 33 years old this month! Body | Back SOLD thanks JM!
4001 Fretless Fireglo
Sometimes frets just get in the way! Nice action on this unusual Rick fretless. Original hardshell case. Serial #TG 3060 (July 1980). SOLD thanks EA!

230 Jetglo
Here's a little oddity in jetglo. Original hardshell case. Serial #YH 1312 (August 1985). SOLD
620 Fireglo
Better than the pic we took! Even has the "made in USA" sticker on the pickguard. Serial # W0 4533 (Oct 1997). SOLD thanks SN!

650 Dakota WOW!... just got another in and check out that Rick finish! The 24 fret solid walnut body Rick sports 2 humbucking pickups, natural oil finish (nice), chrome parts, hardshell case. SOLD 650 Sierra Solid walnut, great Rick tone plus humbuckability. Smooth... ask anyone that owns one. SOLD thanks AK!

370 MID WT Special order WT white trim / chrome hardware option.
Midnight Blue finish, 3 pickups. SOLD thanks WL!
660 MG Where do they find all this nice maple? Oo la la.. pardon my French, but this is one beautiful birdseye top. Check out the body closeup Vintage pickups, checkered binding, wider neck. Just in... don't miss it! SOLD thanks JB!

360/12 Fireglo
Darker fireglo. From a time when they were mostly making basses. Some jackplate scratches (duh.. oops missed), very bright and crisp sound. Check out the back Serial #UE 1791 (May 1981). SOLD thanks GAT!
330 Fireglo
Minty fresh, all original. Better than many "store hanger" Ricks. This one's young. Serial #H9 5603 (August 1996). rick hardshell case. SOLD thanks CP!

360/12v64 JG Super nice vintage reissue 12 string in jetglo black finish, one blemish near neck joint, vintage silver case SOLD thanks AC! 330 MID
This excellent condition 330 is a great example of the recent lighter midnight blue finish... manual, papers, original case.
Serial L9 3286 (Dec 1996) SOLD thanks BS!

360v64 TUR Turquoise finish is one of our favorites..this reissue is one of the prime examples. Based on one of the colors available for a 50's Cadillac Unplayed, original hardshell case. Serial # M0 9747 Jan '97 SOLD thanks MY! r35.jpg 4001v63 MG All Righty! Another Ricky! A beautiful mapleglo reissue bass, incredible shape, vintage case Serial #G7 8438 SOLD thanks MK!

360 JG VP A great unplayed 360 in jetglo (black) includes the vp vintage toaster top pickups installed at the factory, original case. Pickup option alone is $100 factory list. Serial # TO 9334 Jul '97. SOLD thanks JH! 4003 MB Midnight Blue Serial #ZD0821 (Apr '86) Has replacement Seymour Duncan installed in the bridge.. original in the case. A nice shade of blue. OHSC. SOLD thanks JL!

370 White
Even has the new Rick smell you've heard so much about. Pristine 3 pickup 370, all papers, very smooth. Hardshell case. Serial #N1 9209.
SOLD thanks JT!
1997 SPC JG
The special 3 vintage pickup edition, violin F hole, semi hollow, virtually unplayed. Original hardshell case. Serial #S0 6437 (June 1997). SOLD thanks JW!

bssm.jpg 4003 "Redneck" bass Serial #L07027 (Dec '87) A most amazing and rare bass! Don't know how many of these were made, but couldn't be many. OK..the urban myth was that this model was the "bloodstar", but Rickenbacker CEO John Hall confirms the "redneck" name. Bright red with black hardware, red fingerboard with small black position markers, non original hardshell case. Here's another view of this interesting bass. Other pics: Neck | Back | Headstock SOLD thanks JS! r21.jpg 4080/12 MG doubleneck Lightning strikes again! This original unchanged duckling has the full deluxe bass and 12 string features.. triangular inlay, fully bound. All the covers, original case, Grover butterfly tuners on bass neck. #TD1299 (April '80). SOLD thanks KR!

370/12 Roger McGuinn Fireglo #421 of 1000.. this one was born Feb 6, 1989.. serial # B2 9845. Ordered without compressor option by original dealer. Mint fresh.
SOLD thanks WS!
r38.jpg 355/12 JG John Lennon Signature The full scale 12 string reissue. Lennon Imagine signature pickguard and all original. These are getting harder to find. Serial #L3 3995
SOLD thanks DG!

370 Burgandyglo We found the "right one" baby, uh-huh. Rich burgandyglo with a couple of minor blems.. a nice addition to the Rick carnival here. Thin, resonant top. Original hardshell case. Serial #HI 1377 (Sept 1968) SOLD thanks PA! 4005 Burgandyglo And yet another burgandyglo! This oddity is the semi-acoustic bass from 1979. Smooth feeling, tons of tone, hi gains, great (and grape!) looking shiny finish, original hardshell. Serial #SG 3874 (July 1979). SOLD thanks SC!

370/12 MG RM Roger McGuinn Signature
Outstanding onboard compression on this maple beauty. All papers, manual, certificate. Serial F1 8261 (June 3rd, 1988) #101 of 1000. SOLD thanks HB and AB!
r32sm.jpg 360 MG WB (Double Bound) The sun shines down on this tough to find double bound mapleglo 360 janglebaby. Features Schaller tuners and silver vintage case. All original and not a scratch.Serial #K6 5505 (Nov 1993) SOLD

370/12 FG Roger McGuinn Signature Wow. Excellent condition 3 pickup signature model appeared out of the blue. All documentation including certificate (432 of 1000). Serial #C2 9424, March 8, 1989, even the on-board compressor! Beautiful figured back SOLD thanks MM! r97.jpg 660/12 TP FG Tom Petty Signature
Just arrived... excellent example of the wider necked, 12 saddle, signature Petty 12 with full documentation. Nice fireglo finish.. very birdseye neck, vintage silver hardshell case Certificate #912 of 1000..serial # Q0 7621 (April 16, 1997).
SOLD thanks TG!

4003s5 MG
If you love the Ricky bass sound.. but wanted to try the extra bottom found in a 5 string.. here's your chance. Beautiful natural mapleglo with the low B and great condition too. Original hardshell case. Serial #C3 8731 (March 1990). SOLD thanks JM!
370 FG VP Bigsby
Ever wondered how a Bigsby would perform on a Rick semi. Here it is.... complete with 3 vintage toaster pickups and great condition to boot. Pro installation. Nice fireglo too, original black tolex Rick case.
Serial #F4 7401 (June 1991). SOLD thanks SJ!

620/12 JG
Dr Rickenstein took this one into the castle, grafted a Gibson stop tailpiece onto its body, and removed 6 of its tuners.. left them in the original hardshell case however. Pics of headstock detail and the doctor's body work
SOLD thanks MS!
360 Fireglo
Another pampered trade-in. Previous owner decides on 350v63.... your gain. Serial #T0 5996 (July 1997). with original case. SOLD

360/12v64 FG
One of the early reissues from 1988 in pristine shape, pre vintage case, not a nick or scratch. Nice deep fireglo. Serial H1 7331 (August 1988).
SOLD thanks BM!
rh12.jpg 4003 MG Mapleglo beauty bass is available "roundabout" your place, OHSC SOLD

360 MID WB Double bound on front and back in black. Very sharp midnight blue with Rick hardshell case. 1986. SOLD 350v63 FG Wow.. pristine shape fireglo 3 vintage pickup reissue. Comes with original silver vintage case, papers, even the polish cloth.
#MO9334 Jan '97. SOLD thanks MP!

620 JG Great condition jetglo solid body, very clean with original case.
Serial #B19693 (Feb '88) $725 SOLD thanks TR!
4003 JG Nice looks, easy to love! Jetglo/black finish with black pickguard and nameplate (probably added) and white/chrome hardware. Hardly a nick, original hardshell case, Serial #B29601
(Feb '89) SOLD

360/12v64 FG
Unsold classic reissue 12 string, fireglo, vintage case. SOLD thanks CR!
350v63 JG Liverpool, 3 vintage pickup, unsold mint. Vintage silver hardshell case. SOLD thanks RY!

360v64 FG
One of the nicest fireglo finishes we've seen in a while. Deep and rich red contrasting well with the double bound white trim. Trapeze tailpiece, dual toasters, mint condition and unplayed, original silver reissue vintage case. Serial #M0 9866 (Jan 1997) SOLD thanks SW!
4004 Cheyenne
Hey it's the Cheyenne walnut body bass, maple fingerboard, gold parts, natural finish. very small blemish on the top edge of the headstock.. otherwise great shape. Great punch and bottom. This is Rickenbacker's future classic bass. Original hardshell case. Serial #H6 6420 (August 1993) SOLD thanks JM!

1997 FG VB
Excellent F hole semi acoustic with special order vintage reissue vibrato. Immaculate, with vintage case. Serial #L3 4064 (Dec 1989).
SOLD thanks BS!
610 JG
Jake, he's jetglo too, sits next to this "out of print" solid body. Simply tasteful Rick with original hardshell case
SOLD thanks MP!

Sold Ricks
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