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Sold Ricks
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330/12 Mapleglo
Beautiful natural maple 12 SOLD thanks EW!
380L PZ
The seldom available Laguna, walnut body, dual humbucking pickups and piezo with active electronic package, gold parts, oil finish. Body close-up SOLD thanks GE!

4003 FL Fireglo
Tired of fretting? SOLD thanks BR!
350v63 Mapleglo
Lennon-like with a standard scale neck.. nice mapleglo finish. SOLD thanks SF!

620 Turquoise
A standout in the crowded world of electric guitars.
SOLD thanks SH!
620 Desert Gold
New finish for 2001. Body close-up | Headstock close-up

4003 Turquoise
Beautiful turquoise, white, and chrome. SOLD thanks KW!
4003 Midnight Blue
Very nice! One of our best selling finishes.SOLD thanks DR!

620 Jetglo BT
Black trim and hardware on this stealthy black beauty. SOLD thanks AZ!
350v63 Midnight Blue
A great vintage guitar in a non traditional color. SOLD

4003 Desert Gold
Plays as good as it looks! Body close up SOLD
4003/S8 Jetglo
Electric "double bass" with a bottom you can feel and hear. Another view SOLD thanks BR!

4004L Laredo Jetglo
Humbucking pickups, wide neck, a slap and pop masterpiece with plenty of bottom and punch to boot. One of the first with Bubinga fingerboard, which is the new spec according to RIC... love that new look! SOLD thanks BM!
330 Mapleglo
Very nice grain on this maple top! SOLD

620/12 Fireglo All original and a nice player, surface wear, corner of top pickguard broken, dark fireglo, with hardshell case. Serial # I5 5384 (September 1992) $795 SOLD 330 JG
Excellent condition Jetglo with hardshell case. Serial # S1 7462 $849 SOLD

450 MG Sharp solid body in mapleglo from 1977 with hardshell case. Body PIC $695 SOLD thanks RW! 4003 RBY The elusive Ruby Red finish (available 1980-84) a brighter and more metallic red than the burgandyglo, this one has some non-major dings, white 2-piece pickguard cracked at toggle switch. Serial #UI3073 (Sept '81) Original hardshell case. SOLD thanks AB!

610 FG
Straight ahead fireglo solid body, the no frills model that's no longer available from the factory. Another super clean Rick. Original hardshell case. Serial #K9 3663. SOLD thanks PA!
330 MG
Excellent mapleglo finish, even ric-o-smell remains. Pristine condition.. almost never played. Hardshell case. Serial #P0 8091 (March 1997). $849 SOLD

360/12v64 Fireglo
Very nice.. Serial # J9 4917 (October 1996) silver vintage case $1595 SOLD
360v64 Midnight Blue
Odd finish for this model.. excellent condition, one small ding on the back edge, silver vintage case
Serial # M1 9745 (January 1998) $1495 SOLD thanks AC!

325v59 Mapleglo
Serial # W0 4944. Silver vintage case SOLD
660/12 Fireglo
Serial #00 06887 $1295 SOLD

660/12 Fireglo
Serial # 99 21115 back $1295 SOLD
4003/S8 Jetglo
body close-up $1195 SOLD

360 Turquoise
Unplayed, case has bent corner. Recent return.. $895 SOLD
325v59 Jetglo
Excellent condition, a buff or two on the back.. no longer available from the factory.. triple toasters, Bigsby, vintage silver hardshell.
Serial # 99 10002 $1595 SOLD

330 FG Wow... this is a super 330 Fireglo! Check out the incredible back! with great maple detail...hardshell case. SOLD thanks CS! 330 JG The classic 330. Jetglo/black, white/chrome trim, hardshell case. SOLD

4003/S8 JG Eight string in stock! Bring a unique sound to your band or studio. Make the drummer say... HUH? SOLD 4003 Midnight Blue And white/chrome trim too.. nice shades on this one, much like the old Azureglo finish. SOLD thanks CM!

4004 Cheyenne II Maple-face Brand new model from Rickenbacker! This has to be the best maple in the guitar making business. Check out the amazing maple top. Walnut body and face wings. Can you believe they're also coming in red, blue, green translucent finishes also? .SOLD thanks KS! 620/12 Fireglo Classic 12 string, and a forceful fireglo with dark edging. Stereo, 21 fret. SOLD thanks MW!

4001v63 Mapleglo
Almost new one from 1997.. Serial # V0 5099 (Sept, '97).. basically unplayed.. original vintage silver hardshell case. $1195 SOLD thanks KK!
4003 Fireglo
Original strings! Well.. that's the only flaw on this one.. of course we include a set of new Rick strings. Very clean and rich fireglo. Serial # A5 9742 (Jan 1992). Original case. No..the cover is not gold.. just a product of our sometimes shaky photographic skills. (i.e. dog butt not included!) SOLD thanks JM!

610/12 Fireglo
Straight ahead 12 string, excellent condition and beautiful and rich fireglo to boot! Serial # A4 3745 (Jan 1991), original black tolex case. $795. SOLD thanks KT!
360v64 Fireglo
Wow.. another "out from under the bed" wonder.. Super vintage reissue, excellent condition with silver case. Serial # S1 7228 (June1998). $1095 SOLD thanks JB!

360/12 Fireglo
This virtually unplayed 12 string blooms with deep, rich fireglo. Add a hollow bodied electric 12 to your palette! Original hardshell SKB/RIC case. Serial # K9 3980 (November 1996) $995 SOLD thanks GP!
360v64 Jetglo
Hollow-bodied beauty in immaculate condition, silver vintage case. Dual old toaster reissues, double bound. Serial # M0 9171 (Jan.1997). $1095 SOLD thanks JN!

325v63 Jetglo
The Miami reissue features Accent vibrato, 3 vintage pickups, 21 fret neck... Serial # L3 4195 (Sept, '97)... original vintage silver hardshell case. SOLD thanks BK!.
4003 Fretless Fireglo
Combine the brashness of a fretless with the clarity of a Rick bass. Very nice. Serial # H5 6059 (Aug 1992). Original case. SOLD thanks JM!.

360/12 Mapleglo
Another wonderful 12 string, check out the top! Serial # WH 1196 (Aug 1983). $995 SOLD thanks RA!
360/12 Turquoise
Immaculate. Serial # 98 48010 (Dec 1998). Comes with vintage silver case! SOLD thanks MW!

381 Mapleglo
Hand carved top dog of the Rickenbacker pack. Gorgeous maple top. This one's guaranteed to draw comments from all the rest of the band (even the drummer.. sorry about that Ringo). Excellent and original, from the summer of '95 (Serial F8 7610). Original case included. $1595 SOLD thanks RA!
360 White
Mint example of the now unavailable white finish with black hardware (think penguin photo negative). Unplayed and ready to dazzle. Serial # 99 16072 (Apr 1999). Original case. $1095 SOLD thanks JL!

325v59 Jetglo Lefthand
If your McCartney side wants to connect with your Lennon side, this vintage reissue's for you. Better than store hung condition.. Bigsby tremelo, toaster pickups, vintage silver case, gold pickguard/nameplate. From Feb.1998. Serial #N1 9339. SOLD thanks BG!
330/12 Mapleglo
Outstanding top, superb condition, "mapleshow" 12 string. original hardshell case. Serial # N0 8813 (Feb. 1997). $995 SOLD thanks HO!

1997 JG F hole, vintage pickups, dot inlays, Unsold classic reissue, SOLD 230 Glen Frey Signature LH You've gotta be kidding... a lefty solidbody... ok, you guys have lost your marbles. Vintage silver hardshell case. SOLD

360 Fireglo Still one of the best sellers and you can find out why. SOLD 660 Mapleglo Flaming mapleglo on a new model for this year! A hit among wider neck fans... vintage pickups and case. SOLD thanks BH!

650 Atlantis Vintage turqoise and sweet! Solid body,
24 fret, 2 humbucking pickups. SOLD thanks TW!
381/12v69 Turquoise Looks, and a great player too! Bet there aren't many of these around worldwide. Top of the line hand carved in rare finish. Vintage case. .SOLD thanks AF!

360 FG Nice rich fireglo finish. Bound sound hole with hardshell case.SOLD thanks SW! 330 MG Nice mapleglo finish on the traditional 330 with hardshell case. SOLD

370 FG Fireglo, 3 pickup, more sonic possibilities, deluxe inlay and binding, hardshell case. SOLD thanks AB! 350v63 FG The full size Rick reissue in fireglo, trapeze tailpiece, white pickguard and nameplate, 21 fret, vintage silver case. SOLD

360 TUR It's the elusive turquoise finish in the definitive model 360. Deluxe inlay and binding, hardshell case. SOLD 325v59 MG Reissue Lennon, Bigsby, Mapleglo.. check out this combination, 21 fret, vintage silver case. SOLD thanks DG!

Sold Ricks
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